Wasps Removal Newmarket

waspsimagWith our services we will be able to exterminate any of your wasp problems.  If the wasp hive is exposed and physically obvious the technician will be able to spray the hive and physically remove it, exterminating the wasps at the same time. 

If the hive is not obvious and the wasps are travelling in and out of a hole the technician will be able to inject the chemical as well as a powder.  At this point the wasps with transfer the chemical amongst themselves and carry it back and forth.  The wasps will then die.  This process may take a couple of days, but they are guaranteed to be eliminated.  These same procedures go if the wasps are located in the house.

NOTE:   It is common for wasps to find their way to trees, roofs, and walls.

CAUTION: Do not seal up a hole where wasps are flying in and out. Sealing up the hole will cause a bigger problem as the worker wasps will start building the hive inside the wall. Often the wasps will build huge hives inside of houses without the owner knowing.

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