Squirrel Removal Newmarket

squirrelSquirrels may seem like cute little creatures, but to a home owner they can be a real pest.  Squirrels can easily find their way into the attic and live in your roof.  Scratching and running noises are all signs of a squirrel. 

If they are in your home a technician will install a one way door to get rid of the squirrel(s).  The squirrels will be able to leave, but not return. 

Once the squirrel(s) are gone the technician will come back and pick up the one way door and seal up the hole.  If the squirrel(s) are located outside your home such as the backyard, garage, or deck then the technician will set up traps in order to capture the squirrel(s).  Once they are caught, the technician will return to pick up the traps and release the squirrel (s) into a natural habitat

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