“I had seen mice dropping all over my basement.  I was really worried so I decided to call Pest Control.  They were able to come out quickly and get rid of the mice for me.  My service even came with a guarantee.”  -Lorie, Newmarket

“I had a bee hive outside my home.  I could not even sit outside anymore because of how much it bothered me.  Pest Control got there very quickly was able to get rid of the hive so efficiently.  I was very pleased with the service I got.”  -Mike, Newmarket

“When I had traps set up for a skunk I had no idea it would get caught that fast.  The technician really knew what he was doing, and was able to get rid of the skunk and release it.” –Frank, Newmarket

Welcome to Pest Control Newmarket

Welcome to Pest Control Newmarket. We are here to help you get rid of your pest problem. We are licensed professionals who enjoy solving pest problems. It is our duty to serve you and provide you with solution to your pest problem.